Trap shooting is the original clay target game, and was first shot on Prince Edward Island in 1884. One Trap house releases targets variable on a 45 degree angle. Five shooting pads are located 16 yards behind the Trap house on an arc. When the shooter calls for a bird the machine, which is constantly oscillating and unseen by the shooter, launches the clay target at about 40 mph creating and exciting and challenging shot. Like Skeet, squads of 5 shooters take alternate shots, five from each station for a total of 25. Shooting from the 16 yard line is called "Singles". To make things more exciting there is a separate course of fire called " Doubles" where 2 targets are launched simultaneously. In addition shooters are separated into classes, according to ability which is determined by past performances, and may shoot a "Handicap" event. In this course of fire the best shooters have to fire at targets farther away from the Trap, as far back as 27 yards. Lower class shooters may shoot from as close as 17 yards. At the Charlottetown Trap and Skeet club we have a top of the line machine called a "Pat Trap" which has an added feature of oscillating up and down as well as horizontally. This is called "Wobble Trap", a great game to sharpen your skills for hunting season.

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