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Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays was originally invented in Britain in the 1900's and introduced to North America in 1980. Unlike Trap and Skeet which feature repeatable targets on set courses, Sporting courses are all different as they utilize the local terrain to simulate upland or Waterfowl game birds. Multiple portable clay target launchers are set in the woods,fields or around water, and use a variety of different size and color of clay target to challenge the shooter. Birds are shot at from stations that may be elaborate wood structures to a simple outline on the ground. The stations are often moved as well as the Traps to keep things new and fresh. There are many variations of Sporting ,too numerous to mention, but one is common. It's called 5-Stand. As the name implies there are 5 shooting stations surrounded by clay launchers, usually 6 to 12, and the shooters attempt targets in turn. At each station there is a card called a "Menu" which tells the shooter where the birds are coming from. Our 5-Stand has 10 machines and 8 more are used in our compact Sporting course. This game is becoming increasingly popular and is an excellent way to practice for hunting or just to test your skill with a shotgun.

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